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Individual Bio

       Rob Higgins            Rich Faima            Dan Cornelius            Gord Reilly

Band Bio - updated March 12th 2002

Rocket Science formed in early 1999. The "Cyber Rock Emo Core Ween Loving Freaks", all base out of Toronto. There are 4 members in the band. One of the 4 is Rob Higgins, who is the lead singer and bassist, who also happens to be Geddy Lee's (of the band RUSH) nephew. Rich Faima is backup vocals and guitar and Gord Reilly is the second guitar player. Lastly but not least, Dan Cornelius is now the drummer. While Dan is the current drummer, Damon Richardson, who is in the "Danko Jones" Band, helped on the RS record.(on a side note: Bernard Maiezza used to be the bands keyswitcher)

Rob Higgins used to be in the band "Change of Heart", which broke up in 98, and then Rob went on to play with the band "By Divine Right" from 98-99. Rob also played in "Tristan Psionic". It is also credible to note that Rich and Rob used to play in a Vacouver band called Klinghoffer. From these past experiances grew the four member masterpeice.

In the beginning the band started with a 4 track demo. After that, RS made 500 copies of their EP called "Rocket Science" which consisted of 5 songs. Geddy Lee helped produce this 5 track EP which includes the songs Atom Smasher, Space Suit and Control to name a few. Geddy Lee also helped with recording, letting the band use his home studio.

Rob Higgins worked on a video for a song by the band SINCLARE. Rob edited and produced this video which was aired on muchmusic. With all this producing for others, the band will also be helping themselves. The band recently shot a video for the song "Stop".

With all of this recording, the band have also been playing live shows with bands such as Tuuli, Chore, The Livid, Sector Seven, No Means No, The Weekend, Tristan Psionic, By Divine Right, Sometimes Why, The Dirtmitts, Sticky Rice and Weakerthans. Rocket Science did a "Sounds of Sonic Unyon 2001 Tour" across Canada with Chore and Sector Seven. A very notible concert for RS has been The White Ribbon campaign which is an organization set out to spread the message "Men against Violence towards Women" (White Ribbon Campaign). Rocket Science opened the splendid show which included acts such as: "David Usher" of moist, "J. Englishmen" and "Jeff Martin" of The Tea Party. Rocket Science have also played the NXNE festival and Canadian Music Week.

Today, these live shows are mostly 19+ or 18+ depending on the venue. Rocket Science understand the difficulties involved with kids not being able to go to concerts due to these restrictions. They are doing something about this. Rocket Science are starting a series of "teen-friendly" shows. The series entitled "Root Down" will be all ages afternoon shows featuring bands of all ages. The first was at the Rivoli and sold out. The second was at the reverb as part of Canadian Music Week. As well, they were filming video footage for their debut video "Stop" at the show.

All these shows, the debut CD and video have been giving Rocket Science attention and helping them pick up momentum. The debut CD, FOOLSCAP, (Order FOOLSCAP) recorded at Geddy's (producer) home studio, Reaction and the Signal To Noise studios, has some notible mentions such as Geddy Lee and Ben Mink who helped add ideas to the new record.

On a side note, Rob was also a regular contributor to Chart magazine (particularly the smarmy, sarcastic monthly masterpiece that is the Grist page) throughout 1998.

Some early mention of the band from certain magazines includes:
"Eye Magazine" - "Excellent Songs"
"Now Magazine" - "Enough Talent to put most Local bands in traction"

For more info on RS check The Official Rocket Science Site and RS at

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