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Rich Faima

Picture By: Trish Elliott

Name: Rich Faima

Birthdate: February 1st 1971

Musical Influences: Fu Manchu , Queens of the Stone Age, Radiohead, Black Sabbath, no means no

In your CD player: Beck - Mutations

Equipment: Highwatt amp, Fender telecaster , Fender Lead Three, Boss Tuner, Dod Envelope Filter, MXR distortion, Vintage Rat distortion, Delay, Tremelo

Food: Lasagna

TV show, Movie, Book, Author: Weird Homes , Not Just Another Teen Movie (didn't like it, but saw it) / Monty Python , The Heavy Metal Guitar Bible (first guitar book I ever bought and taught me how to solo and play chords) , Ernest Hemingway

2 words to describe each other and yourself:
dan: the gears
gord: the gears
rich: the gears
rob: the gears

If I was not playing music, I'd be...: some kind of labourer

Advice you'd give: Always ask questions.

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