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Rob Higgins

Picture By: Trish Elliott

Name: Rob Higgins

Birthdate: May 24th

Musical Influences: refused, cornelius(not our drummer), brainiac, bjork, wu-tang, tricky, beck

In your CD player: future sound of london, beck-mutations, oysterhead, jane's addiction - nothing shocking

Equipment: fender/ rickenbacker basses, traynor monoblock amp, an assortment of trace elliot and mesa boogie speaker cabinets, 1 big muff distortion pedal, korg es-1 sampler, boss tuner, earplugs whenever i remember them

Food: i'm a sucker for a good fondue, red wine, and ,of course, a huge kosher rib-eye steak served with mushrooms and onions

TV show, Movie, Book, Author: That 70's Show / Repo Man / Chronicles of Dissent, Noam Chomsky / Tom Robbins

3 words to describe each other and yourself:
dan:ambitious, unashamed, blonde
gord:solid, trustworthy, brunette
rich: creative, tidy, shaven
rob:loyal, creative, unshaven

If i was not playing music, i would be...: trying to play music

Advice you'd give: be nice to pets , work hard at whatever you do, and live every day like it's your last
cuz one day you'll be right

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