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Gord Reilly

Picture By: Trish Elliott

Name: Gord Reilly

Birthdate: My birthday is always cool because I share it with my twin sister. She was born six minutes before me at 5:44am on June 9th, 1972, in Victoria, B.C., where we were raised.

Musical Influences: Quicksand, Hum, Flaming Lips

In your CD player: The Cars. A Christmas gift from a friend and a great rock record.
Beck Mutations. Beck rules.
Piece of Mind. I used to love Iron Maiden. A friend gave this to me yesterday so I can rediscover my roots

Equipment: My guitar of choice is an SG. I play through a Marshall.

Food: Paneer makhani, baby back ribs

TV show, Movie, Book:
Show: This Hour Has 22 Minutes, Late Night Glick, Law & Order
Movie: Blade Runner
Book: Don't have a favourite but I'm reading 'A Moveable Feast' right now. It's excellent.

3 words to describe each other:
Dan: Eat, eat, eat.
Rich: Stranger than fiction.
Rob: Boy starts fire.

If i was not playing music, i would be...: playing rugby.

Advice you'd give: Never trust anyone who says "Trust me."

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