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1.Losing an Edge
losing an edge it's like secret information it's like you said what's done is done it's never you never had the touch get up get on a good run it's way too much you'r better watching your speed it's never you never know when to stray to get off course and wander it's fair to say you'd better do what you can, cyber punk, they want you get up they're coming they want a peice of u and u give it all away fighting, like war, is a messy occupation it's so much more than dragging lines through the sand it's over i'm overwhelmed for sure like a fallen constellation it's one in four that even know where they stand, cyber punk

2.Atom Smasher
atom smasher never bruising atom smasher never losing walk around your candlelight and cater to your appetite stangers in your stranger danger game yeah atom smasher never choosing atom smasher never losing tauk tauk tauk tauk tauk tauk atom smasher never using

damn get off of me the rivers are talking cheap they're taking hold like those monkees that treasure what they're sold it's plain to see dependancy we all need it's taking aim like the junkie that lives inside your brain get off me talking monkees that treasure what they're sold

everybody's gone crazy we're floating on a rock two-tonne bullets and a forest biding their time before the race to outer space you would never know they'd been there acting all right so right it's out of sight it's cool to drink the water stop right there be fair try to get some perpective your life's short and you'r bored talking shit and burning bridges on the outward swing of an explosion that will fold in on itself well that's where we sit and stir a blink within a system among systems in a cycle beating out chests and stomping out feet raising our noses over notions and motion that wouldn't float in the thickest of oceans are you kidding me?

5.Everybody Wins
all the same it's a matter of opinion stay at home build a bomb or ride the drone again entertain it's a shame you got the pin in 'cause it seems like you are the spark in the fuel my friend i said let's get it out you said i'll plug you in electricboogiemouth let's hit the road again everybody wins 'cause were all beautiful faces in the wind seem twisted all the same it's a matter of decision fly a kite take a ride to outer space again jellyfish in a dish with an incision magic marker colour in between the lines my friend

when down and out it rings loud you'r thinking i will not plant that seed and count on what time will only replace like a tiger i see things alone i will not roll over on what i can't control yeah control

7.Everything and Nothing
i caught a fish, it slipped out of my hand "you didn't need it" a little kid with a message and a plan "you can't repeat it" you oughta ride with the whales, you won't believe it you'r sharp and i can tell your're good and your doing it again...i wanna ride your sea picking up steam and rolling over me i wanna grind my teeth whenever i think about everything i got a seat in the red room life is sweet in the red room, i want to see you there your're sharp and i can tell your're good and your're doing it again...i wanna ride your sea picking up steam and riding over me i wanna grind my teeth whenever i think about everything it knocks me out

8.Space Suit
whoever wears my space suit is welcome to my monster like wiggling a loose tooth be careful what you ask foster i'd like to find a large rock something to weigh down my legs like when you wrestle a small dog be careful not to crush it i'm walking tall with crutches 'cause i got you in my clutches

if i'm your aggravation, then tell me, should i be phased? don't put your brain up on it, it might just make you crazed just go with that feeling, thinking gets your reeling if i reach down and plug will it drown us all the same? when i freaked out on locusts on the way to La Marais it seems i'd lost my focus i had left it on the train, now i can't seem to get my head around it this time if it's all good then let's move on and get back on that plane oh yeah it's all good, don't think just be now oh yeah it's all good, don't think just be now don't think be, be. i'm dreaming half the day can't get my mind around the weather, still being, i have to say, i can't get my mind around you, i'm thinking half the time i can't get my mind around the other day, when it came to light that i can't get my mind around you

10.Poisonous gasses in supermarkets
i found a comb under the couch in it were knotted many of your hairs i thought it made me think am i ever thirsty it made me think out loud, some i got a headache over my haircut it made me want to grow another head i thought i'd look like david duchovny it shows you what i know i found a soap box next to the bed i thought we kept it in the bathroom it crossed its legs and shouted out hey man let's go out somewhere we found a stick in the mud on it were pictured many of your heads it made a sound as i pulled it out it sort of whimpered something

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