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Rocket Science @ El Mocambo - June 9th 2001

Setlist: Atom Smasher, Everything and Nothing, Everybody Wins, Clampdown (Clash Cover), Evil Robotics, Control, Ganglion and Losing an Edge.

By: Tim Melton
Band: Rocket Science
Hometown: Toronto, ON
Venue: El Mocambo
Date: June 9th, 2001
Backgroud/Composition: Rocket Science are a 4-piece guitar rock juggernaut that excel at painting explosive sonic pictures, and have a penchant for letting loose an extremely ferocious stage show. They're led by former Change of Heart member, Rob Higgins, whose comprehension of the bass guitar is enough to make ya sick to your pants.

Achievement of Rock 'n' Roll Expectations
80-100: Band exceeds skill and knowledge expectations. Rocked us so hard we peed our pants.
70-79: Band achieves required skills and knowledge. Meets rock 'n' roll standard.
60-69: Demonstrates some skills. Approaches rock 'n' roll standard.
50-59: Band demonstrates some required skills and knowledge in a limited way.
Below 50: Band has not demonstrated required skills or knowledge.

Grade: 97

World Domination Status:
Progressing well towards world domination
Progressing with some difficulty towards world domination
No chance in hell for world domination

Progressing well towards world domination

The band are as tight as anything in the Toronto scene. Rocket Science's arrangements are terrifying, and the band's chops are super-human at times. They're accessible enough, but have the ability to do a 180 and ehad in a totally different direction without blinking an eye. Chops meets smart songwriting works like a charm.

Learning Skills:
E=Excellent, G=Good, S=Satisfactory, N=Sad Really

Oral And Visual Communication
Eye Contact: E
Pronunciation: E
Stage Presence: E
Stage Banter: E
Image: G
Appearance: G
Use Of Stage: E

Strengths/ Weaknesses/ Next Step:
Rocket Science left the pleasantries for later and concentrated on flooring the audience. At times, vocalist Higgins let loose his wail, and held down his complicated, grinding bass parts with a very scary look in his eye... one that said, "Take one step back."

Musical Analysis
Cooperation With Others: E
Level Of Participation: E
Problem Solving: E
Teamwork: E
Work Habits: E
Organization: E
Audience Participation: E
Sound: E
Composition: E
Songs: E

Strengths/ Weaknesses/ Next Step:
The band simply smokes, and have a level of muscianship that is much welcome. They are as progressive as anything, but left all of the cheezy elements of prog behind in favour of a sound that gave the audience a sheer punk pummeling instead of a lullabye. The band also peeled off an impressive version of the Clash's "Clampdown." Damn straight!

Other Skills And Areas Of Interest
Charisma: G
Sexiness: G
Haircut: G
Indie Rock Footwear: G
Nods To Disposible Fashion: S
Cool Equipment: E
Level Of Inebriation: E
Actual Ability: E

Strengths/ Weaknesses/ Next Step:
You can tell when a band concentrates on their music and not on their clothes. The band is well-accomplished and know how to push a rock show forward rather than let it stagnate. Rocket Science packed the Elmo and the audience ate it up. The band looked like they were having a hell of a good time, and thus the audience did too. A band to be on the lookout for in a big way!


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