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Daniel Cornelius

Picture By: Trish Elliott

Name: Daniel Cornelius

Birthdate: August 29th 1973

Musical Influences: Genesis, David Bowie, Peter Gabriel era, Zeppelin ,Black Sabbath, Beatles, The Who, Pink Floyd

In your CD player: David Bowie - Hunky Dory

Equipment: Drums - Yamaha Maple Custom, Zildjian symbols

Food: Italien, Sushi

TV show, Movie, Book, Author: Simpsons, Good Fellows, Losing my Virginity / Richard Branson , We Can Be Heroes - Life on Tour with David Bowie , Metamorphasis / Franz Kafka

3 describe each other and yourself:
dan: persistant, idealistic, goal-oriented
gord: creative, ambitious, idealistic (gord gets extra "solid-as-a-rock")
rich: creative, ambitious, idealistic
rob: creative, ambitious, idealistic

If I was not playing music, I'd be...: making voices for cartoons

Advice you'd give: Remove laziness and procrastination from your vocabulary
and just go for it.

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