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Atom Smasher Street Team


What is the "Atom Smasher" Street Team?
The Atom Smasher Street Team is an Internet and Street Team set up to help promote Rocket Science through as many means as possible.

What is "Atom Smasher"? What is AN "Atom Smasher"?
Atom Smasher is derived from a Rocket Science song called ... "Atom Smasher". An Atom Smasher is a Street Team member who promotes Rocket Science via many ways.

What does being an "Atom Smasher" involve?
It involves the ability to complete tasks given to Atom Smashers. An example of a task could be to email a radio station to play one of Rocket Science's songs. Putting email in the BCC: line of an email informs us that you have actually sent an email. The more times you email, the more active an Atom Smasher you are, the more times you have a chance to win Prizes.
It involves the ability to promote Rocket Science via the Streets, as well. You will be sent Free Swag such as T-Shirts, CD's, Stickers etc. This will allow you to promote Rocket Science with the freebies you receive at: concerts, music store, schools, to friends, radio stations, TV stations, Magazines, College Radio Stations, University Radio Stations and more!

Do I have to pay for anything?
Nope. The sole purpose of this Street Team is to help promote Rocket Science. Whether it's promotion on the net, or giving a Rocket Science CD to a new friend you make at local concert...The goal of the Street Team is to promote Rocket Science as much as possible, as many places as possible...costing you nothing!

Rewards Exclusive to Atom Smashers Only:
You may be saying to yourself..
"ya right, money for refering people. I don't believe it"
Well you better believe it!

Rocket Science has made this possible with a great program! For every 2 people you refer to a Rocket Science concert, that attend the concert, you get $1.

Jason, an Atom Smasher from Toronto, promotes a Rocket Science show via Internet, Friends, Handbills and anyway he can think of. He refers 200 people to the concert in Toronto. He gets the names of the 200 people who he has told the concert about, that want to attend. He send these names to and they are put on the "Atom Smasher List" at the door. Jason tells the 200 people he refered to tell the door guy that they are on the "Atom Smasher List". In turn, when the people Jason refered to the concert show up, they are crossed off under Jasons name on the "Atom Smasher List".
At the end of the day, out of the 200 people Jason refered, 150 showed up to the concert.
Jason has made $75 for refering as many people as he can to a Rocket Science concert!

After all of the above info, does this sound like something you would want to do to help Rocket Science?

If so, fill out the form below to join the "Atom Smasher Street Team".

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